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Frequently Asked Questions

HOw to prepare your natural nails for
Press-on nail application

Prepping your natural nails is very important.  The better nail prep you do, the better your press-on nails will last.  A rough, dry surface is best.  as the nails wont adhere well to a smooth surface with oils or product on it. 

How do I apply
Press-On Nails With
Adhesive Tabs?

Method 1 - Adhesive tabs - Short Term Wear

Press-on nails can be applied with adhesive tabs for short-term wear (a few days at the most).  They are strong and durable but can easily be removed without any damage to your natural nail.  These nails can be reused, and with the right care can last for years. 

How do I apply Press-On Nails
With Nail Glue?

Method 2 - Nail Glue - Long Term Wear

Press-on nails can also be glued onto the natural nails with nail glue for extended wear (up to 3 weeks).  If nail glue is used, do NOT try to peel or pry the nails off, this will damage the natural nail.   

How do I remove Press-On Nails?

We do not recommend that you soak off the nails with acetone.  This method will destroy the nails and you won't be able to reuse them.   if you used the adhesive tabs, simply soak the nails in warm soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes.  Then use the orangewood stick to gently lift the press on nails from your nails. if you glued the nails on, We recommend soaking the nails in warm soapy water for about 15 to 20 minutes. use the included orangewood stick to gently help lift the press on nails from your nails.   removal will be easier the longer the nails have been on and if they start lifting naturally (between 2 to 3 weeks)

Can I make changes to the sets

Absolutely!  Minor change requests such as changing color or changing surface to matte or gloss, or to customize an accent nail can all be noted in the "comment" section when you check out.  For more drastic changes, please contact us first, since it might be best to add it as a custom order.

Do you ship internationally

at this time we only ship within Canada and to the US.  Send me a message to enquire about shipping to other countries. 

What is your return/ cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of the product and for hygiene reasons, all sales are final (unless the product delivered is defective or damaged), but we gladly accept cancellations within 12 hours of purchase. 

Please make sure you size your nails correctly, as we can not be held responsible for the wrong sizes ordered.  (see our shapes and sizing page).

It is very important to check the shipping info when you check out. We are not responsible for shipments delivered to a wrong address. (Remember to add apartment number

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